Co-construct and collectively advocate to support national and international institutions in adopting policies in favour of agroecology.


Evidence-based agroecological decision-making by politicians and donors is strengthened and systematized at the international level and in the 7 project countries.
The methodology used will be based on the principles of the development of the stepped advocacy strategy. On the basis of an overall advocacy strategy and its application in countries, action plans will be developed and will make it possible to transform and shape the diversity of messages resulting from the project (components 1 and 2) into policy recommendations.

All the project partners will be the bearers of this advocacy dynamic, and the NGO Both Ends brings its expertise to the project in this area.

An international civil society summit, Desertif'actions (D'a) 2022, which aims to put agroecology at the heart of the agenda to combat desertification and land degradation, will be organised. This unique event is a natural part of the AVACLIM project, even if its scope goes beyond the framework of the project.
In order to carry out this mission, a whole D'a dynamic is being put in place, a dynamic that will extend throughout 2022 and to which AVACLIM's partners will contribute. All information:




Élaboration et facilitation d’une communauté de pratiques en agroécologie dans chaque pays.


Identification et caractérisation d’initiatives existantes contribuant à la transition agroécologique des territoires dans les zones arides des 7 pays du projet.


Incrémentation du Centre de ressources sur la Lutte Contre la Désertification (LCD) du CARI et de la Plateforme de Connaissance Globale (GKP) de la FAO.


Organisation de rencontres d’échanges d’expériences entre accompagnateurs et praticiens de la transition agroécologique (national et international).



Elaboration of an international policy review and policy reviews for the 7 countries on the place of agroecology in national and international public programs


Development of the global advocacy strategy and its application in the 7 countries in collaboration with country partners.


Drafting of a policy synthesis and position papers.


Organization of national meetings to present key messages from evaluations of agroecological initiatives to decision-makers in the countries.


Organization of an international meeting at the end of the project to convince international institutions (Rio Conventions, international organizations, intergovernmental institutions, donors) of the relevance of agroecology.


Sébastien Chailleux
Centre d’Actions et de Réalisations Internationales (CARI), France
Responsible Composante 3

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