Discover agroecological practices, initiatives and projects proposed by the Moroccan community of practice

June 2, 2022

Agroecological projects

The initiative is built around four projects led by the FCAMDD, in partnership with Terre et Humanisme Maroc and the Réseau des Initiatives Agroécologiques au Maroc, to promote agroecology and short circuits.

The agro-ecological transition in the Siroua Massif was conceived by the association Migrations et Développement in a logic of support for local development, by strengthening the capacities of local structures and actors of civil society.

The initiative "Support to women seed growers for an egalitarian, solidarity-based and sustainable development" aims to strengthen the socio-economic empowerment of vulnerable women farmers, while preserving the environment and biodiversity.

Educational initiatives

The project aims to improve the nutrition of schoolchildren and boarders in the rural commune of Arbâa Sahel by creating an educational farm and setting up a programme to raise awareness of a balanced diet.


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