Ethiopia National Workshop

May 19, 2021

From 26 to 27 April 2021, Avaclim's partner in Ethiopia, the Institute for Sustainable Development-ISD, organised and facilitated a national workshop on agroecology in Addis Ababa. 22 people participated.

The workshop brought together agroecology practitioners to share knowledge and implementation of the agroecological approach. For example, vermicompost users explained their recycling methods while other farmers presented other innovative techniques such as push-pull.

The workshop brought together experts and technicians from regional agricultural offices. The latter provided a complementary view to that of the producers. They highlighted the common challenges they face in their area. One of these challenges is how to cope with the increasing flooding that organic cotton producers in the region are facing

The Shelle Mella farmers' cooperative, which is featured in the fact sheets, is there to support them in the event of such devastation. Its members have access to agroecological inputs (such as quality seeds). It supports them in negotiating with national and international buyers and in converting to organic cotton.

The security context in Ethiopia reduces the mobility of ISD in the field. It was possible to identify initiatives, such as the Arbe farm, which applies the holistic vision of agroecology. It produces maize, a staple food in the country, and earns its income by selling sugarcane and chickens in the surrounding markets. Based on the criteria of the scientific consortium, it was selected by the workshop participants. As a reminder, one of the key steps of the Avaclim project, component n°2, led by a consortium of scientists, consists in evaluating two agroecological initiatives in each of the 7 countries of the project.


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