Factsheets - India

March 10, 2021

Find 5 unique initiatives, representing the diversity of the agroecological approach in India.

The initiative aims to empower small-scale farmers in ecologically degraded drylands by improving their livelihoods, addressing gender and social equity issues and promoting agroecological alternatives.

The mission is to help empower marginalised rural populations by restoring land and increasing their resilience (soil enrichment, rainwater harvesting and sharing indigenous knowledge and modern farming techniques).

Zero-budget natural agriculture is a holistic agroecological alternative based on modern and traditional science that mitigates the consequences of climate change, reduces input costs and creates sustainable agricultural livelihoods.

The aim is to create and maintain vibrant institutions for the poor and tribal peoples of western India, so that they have sustainable and appropriate livelihoods and their children are well educated, fed and free from slavery.

The mission is to foster the sustainable development of rural populations through the judicious management of natural resources and the promotion of ecological agriculture in order to preserve the environment and promote sustainable development.


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