Factsheets - South Africa

October 28, 2020

Find 6 unique initiatives, representing the diversity of the agroecological approach in South Africa.

1. Heiveld cooperative

The mission of the Heiveld cooperative is to produce and market organic rooibos tea at fair prices and thus create better living conditions for the farmers in the community.

2. Phakamani Siyephambili

The mission of the Phakamani Siyephambili organisation "Stand Up and Move Forward" is to advance agro-ecology and food sovereignty by enabling farmers to use their local knowledge of Xhosa culture to supply nutrient-rich organic produce to local markets.

3. Biowatch

Biowatch's mission is to challenge the industrialised food system and to demonstrate that agro-ecology is one of the means to guarantee biodiversity while achieving food and seed sovereignty and social justice.

4. Bryanston Market

The mission of the Bryanston Market is to create a reliable and transparent organic guarantee system for farmers and consumers to enable farmers to participate in the benefits of the GSP and to promote organic farming.

5. Cold Mountain

The Cold Mountain Cooperative aims to demonstrate sustainable development through indigenous knowledge and agro-ecology to achieve a holistic and self-sufficient agricultural ecosystem

6. Goedverwacht

EcoWin is a community initiative to empower the people of Goedverwacht to produce unique products in an environmentally friendly way. EcoWin works closely with the Tourism Development Forum of Goedverwacht as an agritourism destination.


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