Factsheets - Brasil

January 11, 2021

Find 5 unique initiatives, representing the diversity of the agro-ecological approach in Brazil

The Association of Agroecological Farmers of the Araripe Territory is linked to the dynamics of the Araripe network, generating and disseminating the knowledge obtained through concrete initiatives involving 48 production groups

The initiative works towards the recovery of the Caatinga with the traditional collective pastoralist communities that live directly from the resources of the Caatinga.

This family agroecological initiative is led and inspired by the feminist farmer Fátima Maria dos Santos, coordinator of the Agroecological and Solidarity Markets Network of the State of Ceará. It supports egalitarian gender relations and promotes solidarity within socially integrated agricultural systems.

This fact sheet presents a family agroecosystem, located in the community of Enjeitado in the Sertão do Pajeù in Brazil.

This initiative is taking place in the Agreste da Borborema region and is led by the Oziel Pereira community. Their aim is to use the role of collective action mechanisms in the agro-ecological transition at the community level.


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