Factsheets - Senegal

October 28, 2020

Find 5 unique initiatives, representing the diversity of the agro-ecological approach in Senegal. This factsheets are only in french for the moment.

1. Tattaguine

The mission of the Union of Tattaguine Communities is to strengthen food self-sufficiency through capacity building of local communities in the sustainable governance of their natural resources
and family farms.

2. Niayes Area

The mission of the Fédération des Producteurs Maraîchers de la zone de Niayes (FPMN) is to promote the collection and manufacture of compost from slaughterhouse waste to feed the poor soils of the surrounding market garden areas

3. Diampoulo Diallo's farm

Mr Diampoulo Diallo's family farm in eastern Senegal has been implementing an agro-ecological transition for about ten years.

4. Ndiob

The commune's mission is to make Nbiob a green, resilient commune through a development process that is inclusive, endogenous and respectful of the rights of vulnerable people

5. Guélack

The village of Guélack has been transformed by the will of two cousins: Mamadou and Ousmane Sow who have set up a group of herders with the aim of improving their living conditions and gradually bringing the community to be autonomous


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