Factsheets - Burkina Faso

March 3, 2021

Find 5 unique initiatives, representing the diversity of the agro-ecological approach in Burkina Faso

This initiative supports off-season agroecological market gardening in the province of Zondoma

Inter-village communities are committed to the sustainable management of forest resources in the northern region of Burkina Faso

The National Council for Organic Agriculture wants to contribute to the development of agro-ecology in Burkina Faso through the creation of a legislative and regulatory framework favourable to the development of organic agriculture

5 pilot farms are putting the Sahelian bocage into practice in various provinces of the country, in order to alleviate the degradation of the environment and promote local agriculture for 30,000 people

The initiative aims to contribute to the development of organic agriculture by producing and disseminating biopesticide production methods for the ecological control of crop pests and diseases


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