New study area for Avaclim: France

November 12, 2020

The project adapts to the pandemic

The current pandemic context challenges the task for the scientists in charge of component 2 as it becomes difficult for them to move around the study areas. How can a multidimensional agroecological assessment tool with a co-design approach be implemented as planned?

To take up this challenge, the Avaclim project innovates and includes new study areas in dry zones from the beginning of December. Inspiring agroecological initiatives exist in France near CARI's offices. A volunteer, Bastien Roca, has just been hired to identify, characterise and then evaluate initiatives located in the Pic Saint Loup territory.

Using a participatory approach, the evaluation will be carried out on the basis of a first prototype of the evaluation approach and will be improved according to the results of the evaluation and the feedback from the participants. The same approach will be applied in Senegal with our partner Enda Pronat. Beyond this design phase, Avaclim's objective remains that this evaluation tool be mobilised and used by our partners in the 7 countries where the project is being implemented.


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