Initiative factsheets - Morocco

June 2, 2022

Find 8 unique initiatives, representing the diversity of the agroecological approach in Morocco.

The commune of Ghassate in the province of Ouarzazate is involved in the agricultural transition of many farming families.

The Zirâa Al Hayate cooperative "Graine de vie" in the Rabat region distributes plant products from 10 farms using agroecological practices.

The orchards of the Al Mohammedia olive oil production cooperative have adopted agroecological practices and process their products on site

This cooperative seeks to promote sustainable agricultural development through the professionalization of small family fruit production enterprises grouped together by the cooperative.

The Association France Et Maroc au Coeur has developed family gardens in the arid provinces of Chichaoua and Taroudant.

The Swani Tiqa project aims to develop and strengthen Local Solidarity Partnerships between Producers and Consumers (LSPC) through the distribution of weekly baskets of vegetables and fruit pre-paid for six months.

The mission of the Oriental Organic Agriculture Cooperative is to provide local consumers (in the Oriental region of Morocco) with quality organic and agro-ecological products that are either absent from or under-valued in the region.

The associative label "Agroecology Morocco", based on a Participatory Guarantee System (PGS), is developed by RIAM (Réseau des Initiatives Agroécologiques au Maroc). Producers who adhere to the label guarantee environmentally friendly production thanks to specifications written and adopted collegially by producers, consumers and intermediaries

To discover other agroecological practices, projects and initiatives proposed by the Moroccan community of practice, click here.


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